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About MayLing

MayLing did not immediately begin her career as a creative in flower making. She actually pursued double Bachelor's degrees in Commerce (Accounting) and Laws during her time at Monash University, Australia. 


After her graduation from Monash University, she started exploring her interests in baking and patisserie through various short courses in Melbourne, Australia. She has also worked at a fine dining restaurant in Singapore as a pastry assistant for a year before deciding to pursue a Diploma in Baking at the Academy of Pastry Arts, Malaysia in order to strengthen her foundations in patisserie.


Her flower making journey began in early 2017, shortly after she got engaged to her husband, David. At that time, inspired by all the handmade flowers she had seen online, she decided that she wanted to decorate their wedding cake with her own handmade sugar flowers. Therefore, she signed up for a one-day workshop on sugar roses. She then spent an entire year after that workshop practising only sugar roses during her free time while pursuing her Diploma at pastry school.

In 2018, she finally managed to adorn her own wedding cake with her handmade roses, hydrangea and foliage.

All of the flowers showcased on this website and on her Instagram (, whether in sugar, wafer paper or cold porcelain clay, are hand crafted with love by MayLing.

After her wedding in May 2018, she started making sugar flowers  part-time while working a full time job as one of the co-founders of a patisserie business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Besides her passion and desire to create beautiful handmade flowers, she also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Therefore, she started her teaching journey as a sugar flower instructor in August 2018, through conducting group workshops and private lessons in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In early January 2020, she decided to resign from her patisserie business in order to pursue her true passion in hand crafting flowers at Petals by You full time. This is because she wanted to be able to put her 100% focus and time into what she loves doing, which is crafting handmade flowers.


Petals by You was founded in June 2018 as a creative outlet for MayLing to showcase her hand crafted sugar flowers (edible). Gradually, she began venturing into the world of wafer paper flowers (edible) and cold porcelain clay flowers (non-edible).


Aside from her constant quest to improve her craft in handmade flowers, another one of MayLing's main career goals is to enable others to make flowers for their family, friends or customers with their own hands.


​Therefore, she decided on "Petals by You" as her business name. 


Since 2018, she has taught over 500 students from Malaysia and all around the globe through her workshops and online classes.


It has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for MayLing since the founding of Petals by You.


She hopes to continue to spread her passion for hand crafted flowers to other like minded people through her workshops, online classes as well as her regular postings on her website and social media for many years to come.

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