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Consultation Services
Targeted Q&A and Demo Session

What is a "Petals by You" consultation?

  • A targeted Q&A session, paired with specific demonstration segments. 

  • The aim of the session is to provide solutions to the professionals' existing problems or issues that they've been facing; and/or to widen their perspectives to the vast possibilities of techniques available for the medium chosen. 


Who is the consultation suitable for?

  • Professionals with prior experience and have practiced by themselves, and have faced problems that they have not been able to solve on their own, whether due to time constraints or technical difficulties.

  • Professionals with prior experience with another medium that has transferable techniques, and are looking for tried and tested techniques by the instructor, because perhaps they are too busy running the other aspects of their businesses, and would like to fast track their R&D processes. 


What is included?

  • An 1-hour Q&A session

  • Targeted demonstrations to explain specific techniques or to show how certain theories work in practice

  • Hands-on session by the professional (where applicable) to demonstrate their understanding to the instructor


What is expected of the professional prior to the session?

  • The professional will need to prepare questions beforehand and send them to the instructor at least 3 business days prior to the first agreed upon consultation session 

  • The professional can ask additional questions during the session itself, there is no limit to the number of questions asked as long as it is still within the duration of the session.

What can the professional expect as an after-sale service?

  • The instructor will be available to answer further questions that are related to the content already covered during the consultation session via email or WhatsApp. 

  • Please note that completely 'new' or unrelated questions will not be answered as thoroughly, if at all.


Please email me at to discuss your personalised learning needs. Alternatively, you could also send me a message on WhatsApp.  

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